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    At Starting Point, we specialize in the treatment of chronic pain, migraines, and digestive health. We use an integrated approach to addressing your pain. As such we often use acupuncture in addition to naturopathic treatments such as therapeutic trigger point injections, vitamin injections, scar treatments, and nutrition coaching.

    We invite you to schedule a free consult to see how we can best serve you. If you are ready to schedule, give our office a call to set-up your first appointment.

    New Patients: Please call the office at (425) 686-4498 to set-up your first appointment!

      • 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Heintze
        Complimentary 15-minute Meet & Greet phone consultation with Dr. Ellie to learn more about our services at Starting Point. If you are looking to make an initial appointment, please call the office at (425) 686-4498 to schedule.
    • Monthly Special: ImmuneBoostRx

      Ready for the cold and flu season? We got you covered! 3 Wellness Packages offered to support and enhance your immune system to defend against the cold season! Visit this link to check out our Wellness Packages options, once selected, come back and schedule your ImmuneBoostRx Consult (you may also book the consult as a stand-alone appointment, payment is due at time of service).
      • ImmuneBoostRx Consult $80
        ImmuneBoostRx Consult offered in our September Monthly Special. Visit includes personalized immune support plan. For more information, visit: ImmuneBoostRx Wellness SpecialConsult maybe offered by itself, payment is due at time of service.

      • Naturopathic pain consultation $250
        Initial naturopathic office visit, assessment, exam, and treatment plan. Treatment maybe given during appointment if indicated which could include therapeutic trigger point injection, acupuncture, or vitamin shots.
      • Acupuncture

        • Return Acupuncture Visit: Bothell $90
          Return visit. Price reflects service paid at time of service. Insurance rates may vary.
        • Return Acupuncture Extended Visit
          Select this option of you are following up for acupuncture care and would like nutrition coaching with your appointment.
        • Cupping-only visit (Return patients only) $45
          (New Patient? Please call the office to schedule) Looking for relaxation or have tight back muscles or spasms? Cupping is a great way to not only relieve tension but promote relaxation. Sessions can be stand-alone without acupuncture. If you would like cupping + acupuncture and are a return patient, please schedule a "return acupuncture session."
      • Office Visits: Naturopathic Medicine

        • Return Naturopathic Visit/Lab Follow-up/Nutrition Coaching
          Naturopathic office visit only. No acupuncture at this visit. Select this option for problem focused visits, follow-up nutrition coaching/meal planning, and lab review appointments.
        • Trigger Point | Therapeutic Injection: Return $120
          For return patients. This is a therapeutic trigger point or biopuncture injection visit for management of chronic pain.
        • Scar Treatment $80
          Looking to improve the aesthetics of scars from surgery, c-sections, or injuries? Treatment along and near scars using neural therapy and biopuncture injections can help to reduce pain, redness, and appearance of scars. Treatments will include an initial office visit consult prior to treatment.
        • Lipotropic "Fat Burner" Injection Therapy $50
          Lipotropic (aka fat burner) Injections, are used to help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits. Lipotropics help the liver remove fat effectively and boosts metabolism. Injections are done in acupuncture points for a targeted and systemic approach to healthy weight loss and increased metabolism.
        • Vitamin B12 Shot $35
          B12 is great for energy, weight loss, mood, and healthy immune system. New to the clinic? There will be a short consult prior to the treatment. If you would like a naturopathic consult or wondering if B12 is right for you, please call the office to schedule a new patient visit (425) 686-4498.
      • Nonprofit Low-Cost Acupuncture Clinic | Pain Relief Project

        Visits in our nonprofit acupuncture clinic, seeing patients inside our Starting Point Acupuncture location. Patients must apply to see if they are eligible. Apply in office or online:
        • Return Nonprofit Acupuncture Session $40
          Return acupuncture session at our main clinic in Bothell. Payment is due at time of service and this option is only for patients who qualify for our nonprofit clinic. 



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